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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Heart of Dakota Week-in-Review Nov.13-17

Heart of Dakota Week-in-Review

Emmett loves our Storytime reading in Creation to Christ, and he often times sets up special places for us to read Jashub's Journal together.  This week, he set out pillows, blankets, coffee (for me), cider (for him), spritzer cookies, and turned on the fireplace.  What fun!  I love these times together in Heart of Dakota!

Some other favorites of the week were his science experiment after reading Land Animals..., his travel log after reading Geography of the Holy Land, and his CTC Notebook entries - he especially loves the timeline!  This week he finished reading about King David's Reign and began reading about King Solomon.  We also started reading God King for Storytime, which I know from reading it to my other sons years ago will be another amazing read together!
In R & S English, Emmett is learning so many solid language arts skills.  We read the lesson together, discuss 2/3 of it orally, and assign 1/3 of it to be written.  If there are several diagramming sections, for one of the sections I draw the skeletons on a marker board and have Emmett point to where he'd write each portion as he orally tells me his answers.  For the other section, I have him complete it in his notebook.

 In USII High School, Wyatt has been learning about the Battle of Dunkirk.  We went to the recent movie of this battle, and it was gripping!  Wyatt enjoyed reading more about Dunkirk in history, and as Christians, we can clearly see God's hand in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Wyatt has been inspired reading Something Greater Than Gold for his living library reading.  This book is about Eric Liddell and his missionary work in China.  So inspiring, as he was an Olympic athlete that made Christ 1st in his life, even when the 'world' didn't understand it.

For Economics, Wyatt has been writing down economic principles and answering "What do you think?" questions pertinent to his readings of Economics:  A Free Market Reader.  This has been balanced nicely with Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance course.  Wyatt especially loves Dave Ramsey's video footage and radio talk show, where Dave answers listeners' questions impromptu.  With Wyatt graduating soon, this could not come at a better time.  We'll be putting together a budget with Wyatt, easing him into paying for a few things at a time, so that by the time he graduates college, he'll be used to keeping/balancing a budget with monthly payments.

In World Geography, Riley has begun his unit on the printing press, the spice trade, and Columbus in the Caribbean.  He learned that Gutenberg's first book to be printed was the Bible - what a wise decision by Gutenberg!  He gave a great summary oral narration about this.  Summary oral narrations are limited to 7-10 sentences.  Riley used to prefer detailed oral narrations to summary oral narrations, as he found it easier to narrate in detail than to be limited in sentences.  Now, he is good at both!  I love how Heart of Dakota teaches him step-by-step through the guides to practice multiple forms of both oral and written narrations.  Riley is studying binomials in Foerster's Algebra 1.  It was hard at first, but now he is doing well with it!  David Chandler's lessons on the flash drive, along with the full solutions line by line are a must.

I hope you all had a good week too!
In Christ,

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