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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Science... something to love for everyone!

Science... something to love for everyone!

Science Experiment
(notice how Emmett has
made this a social
event by inviting his
brothers to join in)
Science 5 Comprehension
Questions (notice how Emmett 
has made this a social event 
as well as he read it
"For Cuddles" his hamster,
which you
can see he wrote at the top)
Science in Heart of Dakota is an adventure in itself!  It starts with reading amazing living books, and then it adds in a variety of ways to respond to that reading.  This variety appeals to all students, as there is always something a student will love best to do!  In Creation to Christ, creating a science notebook entry appeals to visual and solitary learning styles, giving an oral narration appeals to aural and verbal and social learning styles, answering 5 comprehension questions with scientific terms and Biblical application appeals to logical learning styles, and conducting an experiment and logging it in a science notebook uses physical and visual learning styles.

Of course our son Emmett's favorite way to respond to the reading is conducting an experiment.  He makes this physical response to his reading also into a social and verbal response (his other two favorite learning styles) by sharing the results with all of us at any and every opportunity.  I love that he is not only able to respond to his science with his favorite learning styles but also that he is able to respond to his science with his less than preferred learning styles!  Of course he is best at his favorites, and not quite as good at his less than favorites. So, by having all of these learning styles represented each week, he looks forward to his favorites, and he works on those he needs to improve upon.  This balance helps him become a well-rounded student, who can respond in a variety of ways to what he has learned.

Science Oral Narration
(notice he has made this
even more social, as he
not only orally narrates
for me, but also for his
Beanie Balz, Flash and Speedy)
Science Lab Sheet
(the experiments
 are always
his favorite, but I 
snapped a picture 
of this as it
was one of his
best lab sheets)
Science Notebooking
(often times there is color
in these, but I loved 
this one as he learned
how to compare and contrast
using a Venn diagram)

So, no matter what learning style your entrepreneuring student loves best and has been gifted with by the Lord, Heart of Dakota's science has it covered!  And not only that, those less gifted styles... Heart of Dakota's got those covered too!  So, your kiddo will be the best at what God's intended and good at the rest!  Have a great week!

In Christ,

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