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Welcome to my blog! It's high time this 46 year old ventures into blog world and joins the ranks of you intriguing bloggers. First off, you should know I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I love His Creation, His Word, His forgiveness, His mercy, and His being the Savior of my life. He is my reason for living! After the Lord, my next love in life is my outdoor-lovin', prankster pullin', hard workin' man I've called my husband for 22 years and counting. My 3 sons - to whom this blog is dedicated - have the next piece of my heart, and they fill my world with laughter, love, and laundry. I am calling this MY BLOG ADVENTURE... so hop into blog world with me... let's get to encouraging one another... this could be fun!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homeschool Christmas Party Fun


Toss as many mini-marshmallows as you can in one minute through
 the Christmas wreath and into the bowl.

Jackpot!  Way to go,  Cole!

With your partner, cheek to cheek, hang as many ornaments as you can on the string tied between 2 chairs! 

 Good teamwork, guys!
 Pretty good for 2 little shavers!
Hey buddy, help me out here!
 Wow - these guys mean business!
 Count 'em - FIVE!  Pretty amazing!
 Brotherly teamwork!

Great job, Cole and Shaw!

 How many cups can you stack in 1 minute?  Wow, way to go Emmett and Beau!
 Pretty big tower, Riley!
 Who is that handsome fellow peeking through that big tower?  Greyson!
WOW, Wyatt - now THAT is a TOWER!
 Pretty creative, Shaw - 2 towers!
Lookin' good, Cole!!!
 Use a candy cane to try to stack as many bolts in a tower as possible in 1 minute!

 A big task ahead, Greyson!
 Quite studious, Wyatt!
 Looks like it paid off to be studious!
 Wow!  Now, there is a tower, Riley!
 This is a serious job that needs some serious concentration!
Way to go, Shaw!

 Can you get the oreo cookie from your forehead to your mouth with no hands?  
Good idea to go for the eye first, Greyson!
 Mom's getting you off to a great start, Beau!
Here goes nothing, Wyatt!
Success never tasted this good!
 Toss the Christmas candy!  Sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," 
and toss the candy every time you sing "Christmas!"  
 How high can you go!
Whew - that's high!  Now have fun eating the candy!
 Can you help Rudolph get his red nose on right?  Tie some yarn to a red pom pom, put some vaseline on your nose, put the yarn in your mouth, and give it a swing, can you do it?  You did it, Shaw!
 Way to go, Riley!
 A sticky mess success, Cole!
 Jackpot, Wyatt!
 Now, there's a smiling Rudolph!

It's a shocker when it connects sometimes, eh, Greyson?
 Let's make some good old fashioned snowflakes, and while you do, Mom and Aunt Carrie will be hiding a special Christmas snack and drink for each of you upstairs!!!

 Now, each of you needs to find a can of pop and a Little Debbi Christmas tree!  Leave the easy ones for the littles because the hard to find ones are H-A-R-D to find!  Hope you are up for a challenge!

The one that stumped everyone - the old pop can in the reading light trick!  Aren't we clever?!?
 Now, each of you gets a part of this paper nativity scene to color as you eat your snacks 
and drink your pop!
Always remember, the real meaning of Christmas has CHRIST at its center!  
Praise the Lord for the birth of our Savior, our Messiah, our King!

I hope this gave a few fun ideas for all of you to have your own fun homeschooling Christmas party!
Love in Christ,


  1. Hi Julie! Merry Christmas to you and yours! I love these ideas, and I am so thankful that you posted your party ideas. Hope to hear more from you on the blog, but understand life is crazy at times.

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I am going to try to be better about updating my blog this year! I do so enjoy it but often find it is the thing to go to the bottom of the list, and as for all busy mamas and wives, the list can sometimes be long. I'm so glad you enjoyed the party ideas, and Merry Christmas to you and your dear family too!

    In Christ,