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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Heart of Dakota Week-in-Review Nov. 20-24

Heart of Dakota Week-in-Review
Nov. 20-24
In Creation to Christ Emmett has been learning about the ancients time of King Solomon and the time of the divided kingdom.  He researched Solomon's Temple online and answered questions about where it was built, how long it took to build, the materials used, the outside/inside of the temple, what Solomon did when the temple was complete, and how we know the Lord was pleased with its completion.

His history project pictured above shows the division of the 12 tribes of Israel.  While Solomon originally ruled all 12 tribes, due to his worshiping other pagan gods (as well as Israel), the resulting punishment was his kingdom being torn away from him.  Ten tribes were given to Jeroboam, and two tribes were given to Rehoboam.  Emmett made ten white pockets for the tribes of Israel and two blue pockets for the tribes of Judah.  He then tore a piece of cloth into 12 pieces, just as the prophet Ahijah did with his robe, to signify the dividing of the kingdom.  Each pocket has a piece of the robe in it.  What a neat project and a memorable way to retain this part of ancient history!  You can also see Emmett Heart of Dakota history notebook pictured above, which shows his timeline entries, historical written narration, meaningful copywork from a history living book, and independent history assignment.

A few other highlights of the week were his watercolor painting of a night sky with the moon rising for Robert Frost's poem Going for Water and his science experiment showing how a dinosaur moved for his Land Animals... science reading.  He decided he's very thankful he is not a dinosaur and can simply walk and run on 2 legs!

 In World Geography Riley finished his history theme for Unit 12 and started Unit 13.  He really enjoyed his assignment in Mapping the World with Art.  He drew and colored his own Medieval/Renaissance compass rose.  He read about explorers, such as Diaz from Portugal, who used a magnetic compass such as this to navigate the southern coast of Africa.    He also made matzah, which is unleavened bread in response to his World Religion and Culture's reading.  It was good the first time, but the second day, we were all happy to go back to our homemade leavened bread!

 Riley has absolutely loved his Fallacy Detective book.  He said he was sad it was the last reading.  As this is an elective, I often let him check his own answers with the answer key and just meet with me to informally share what he'd learned or what struck him the most from the day's reading/assignment. He always had something clever or witty to share, and he often shares examples of logic he's seen in billboards, commercials, or magazines.  What a neat elective to do - and an important one, as knowing fact from fallacy is important!  Finally, he worked on his English assignment, and I stressed the important of writing neatly.

 In USII High School Wyatt finished Unit 18 and started Unit 19.  On an index card, he prepared a list of talking points for his oral narration.  He spoke about Britain standing alone against Hitler, Hitler's plans for the Soviet Union, Bismarck the German Navy ship, and FDR's promise to help Britain.  He also used his USII Notebook as a visual aid by sharing the drawing of the Loss of H.M.S. Hood.

The full-color Heart of Dakota notebooks are so beautiful and add much learning to Wyatt's school day.  The photographs, charts, portraits, political cartoons, maps, etc. you see pictured all provided a visual basis for his topic oral narration.  I love to listen to Wyatt narrate!  It is obvious he enjoys history, remembers what he has read, and gives a very 'narrative' narration - in other words, I think he's become an excellent storyteller!  Just what Charlotte Mason would have liked!   Wyatt also worked on his Economics elective and his Algebra, which you can see in the pictures.
 Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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