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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlotte Mason: Poetry Reading with Some Bling!

Though I enjoyed language arts back when I was in school, poetry was one thing I liked but never really loved.  I guess you could say I had kind of a "take it or leave it" feeling toward poetry.  HOD turned that kind of thinking around!  What began as a fledging kind of feeling of mediocre appreciation for poetry has blossomed into a LOVE of it - and what's better - my dc feel the same way!  In HOD, poetry begins from a young age within Beyond Little Hearts, and it keeps right on marching through time all the way through Resurrection to Reformation (it is planned in the new guide RevtoRev as well).  I think because of the way HOD has written it into the plans (by matching it with the history, by pairing it with short lessons on poetic devices, by sharing intriguing tidbits about a poet's life, by having dc use it for copywork slowly throughout the week, and by just encouraging enjoying reading the poems together in different ways) - because of all this - poetry is an unlikely well-loved subject in our house full of all boys that believe me, are ALL BOY.  Last year I gave the boys a microphone for Christmas, and it has morphed into the most desired way to "deliver" a poem - actually poem after poem, for even though the plans call for sharing ONE of the past poems studied that was a favorite, somehow everyone wants to do TWO... or THREE... or how ever many I'll allow.  I guess it's become our own poetry sharing time - what fun!  So, for those of you with a "take it or leave it" feeling toward poetry - give HOD a whirl - and if you do, why not do it up big by adding a microphone to the mix?  You may just find yourself taking a turn too!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Julie. Your blog looks great! I tried to email you from the HOD board but your email wasn't listed. I was looking through your schedules and charts and had a few questions for you when you have time. If you click on my name in this comment you will be taken to my profile page and you should be able to email me from there.

    The blog is coming along great. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'll be happy to help you.


  2. How sweet!! Sorry, it's a bunch of boys I shouldn't use the word sweet. How cool!! Is that better? I love how they want to share more than one! Thanks for sharing the microphone idea.

  3. Thanks, Paige! I like your blog and plan to follow it if I can figure out how. Momtime- you are so right, "sweet" they are but "cool" they'd rather be! We just pulled out the microphone again today, only it was my 4 yo that serenading us with the Alphabet Song! Too cute.

  4. Dear Julie,

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  5. Rev. Benjamin - thank you for this information! I am a big fan of Charlotte Mason and will have to check this out. Thank you for sharing this!

    In Christ,