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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homeschooling: Sturdy Paper... just the right size!

I used to use copy paper for those wonderful HOD notebooking assignments.  I liked the size more than anything, as copy paper slides nicely into clear page protectors, and that makes for one neat 3 ring binder portfolio at the end of each school year for each child.  Plus, copy paper is inexpensive.  This year, I found something so much better!  It is the same size as copy paper, so it still slides into clear sheet protectors, it still even works in printers, but it is cardstock, so it holds up so much better, and it is still inexpensive.  We are in the last few months of our school year, and for my 3 sons it has lasted all year!


  1. Thanks for telling about this Julie. I will look for some this afternoon. We've been using regular printer paper which has been fine but I was thinking of after the year was over. I want to take his notebooking things and have them spiral bound to keep. This kind of paper would hold up much better after it's been taken out of the page protectors and 3 ring notebooks.

    Love the blog. You are wonderful for sharing all of this with us.

  2. This is a great idea. I was just paging through the notebook and noticed at how easily the papers bend even putting doing the assignments. Sam's Club has a huge pack and it's a small investment to be made, that will have the notebooks look better!

  3. After using cardstock for years in scrapbooking,I have to admit that it is wonderful. It is sturdy, doesn't yellow with time, and won't damage anything attached because it is acid free. For scrapbooking, that is pictures. For HOD, it could be notebooking assignments or copywork or any of the other wonderful things the children create as they learn. Plus, if your child wants to be creative, there are lots of colors available too.

  4. Thanks, ladies! My boys are tough on paper, and cardstock sure has helped with the bendable factor.

    Cathy - what a fun idea to use different colors! I am adding that to my art supplies wants for next year!