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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ruby's Journey to Noble... Through Proverbs Chapter 1:10-19

Proverbs 1:10-19:

     Ruby and her husband found their way quite easily down the smooth path lying ahead of them.  Fingers entwined, steps in sync, they helped each other over the hills and down the road until they reached their first stopping point, the city of Gain.  It was a bright city, full of much hustle and bustle as crowds of people made their way up and down the busy cobblestone streets.  Lavishly decorated homes loomed beyond the swarming streets, catching the moonlight and casting a deep shadow on the less fortunate townspeople living at the foot of the hill down below. 

     At the very bottom of the hill, in a dark obscure corner of town, Ruby and her husband arrived at quite a sorry looking hovel of a home.  The little savings they had begun their journey with had been used to pay for their travel, and while they’d been careful with their spending, it had dwindled down to next to nothing.  This was the best they could afford. 

     Ruby and her husband cautiously entered their new home and took to exploring each nook and cranny, noticing a cobweb here and a dust patch there, searching for some bright discovery and finding none.  This search took only a fraction of time as the house was quite small, and the light was dim.  Ruby and her husband were tired, and some semblance of order was needed quickly, so after a bit of scrambling, makeshift sleeping quarters were hastily assembled.  As exhausted as Ruby was, she lay awake, noticing for the first time the weight of the box of her family heirloom in her hand.  As her husband peacefully slumbered, she came to the realization that he’d been carrying nothing their entire journey, and the more she thought about this, the box felt heavier and heavier in her hand.

     A gloomy day dawned in the foothills of Gain, and the clouds covered the sun, blotting out its light with shades of gray.  Ruby awoke to the sound of her husband quietly closing the door, a scrawled note on the pillow explaining he was off to find work in the city.  Ruby determined to put some order to the house and spent the better part of the day sweeping the floors and cleaning the cupboards, putting this and that in its proper place until there was nothing more to do. 

    It is time for a walk, Ruby thought, A quick tour of the city would certainly be timely.  There was a good hour or two before suppertime, and if Ruby hurried, she might catch a glimpse of the bright hues of the city before nightfall.  As Ruby hastened up the cobblestone streets, the further she ventured into the city, the brighter were the lights, but the more chilling was the air. Ruby drew her cloak more tightly about her, and was just contemplating turning back when a dark fashionably dressed woman stepped forth from the shadows. 

    “And who might we have here?” she purred, donning a curious look as a small smile played at the corners of her lips.  “I haven’t seen you around these parts, just where do you call home?”

     “Oh, I’m Ruby, and I am from the foothills of Gain.  My husband and I have just recently moved here.  And may I be so bold as to ask your name and whereabouts as well?” inquired Ruby with as much composure as she could muster.

    “I’m Enticement, and I live in the mansion at the very top of the highest hill Gain has to offer.  The view of the city is breathtaking – such a shame you live in the foothills.  Perhaps you could come visit soon,” Enticement cooed invitingly.  “If you just follow that path up ahead, you’ll find your way in no time.  Come as soon as you can, with or without your husband – preferably without,” she said laughingly, as a tall handsome man emerged from the shadows.  The striking stranger linked arms with her, and whispering secretly in her ear, the two of them slipped away into the shadows of the alley.

    Ruby suddenly became aware of the time and hurriedly made her way home, stumbling down the hill and arriving home just as her husband did.  Over a meager supper of beans and rice, the two of them shared the happenings of their day and made the surprising discovery that while Ruby had met Enticement, her husband had met Plunder, and the two of them just happened to be married. 

     Ruby’s husband was excited at the prospect of working for Plunder, and he wasted no time planning a visit to the stately mansion on the hill the very next day.  Ruby donned her best dress and pinned one of the remaining flowers from her garland in her hair as she readied herself for the trip up Gain’s highest hill.  As Ruby and her husband neared the path up the hill, they could not help but notice quite a spectacle was taking place in the public square of Gain. 

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